Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And they're off

Despite being as orchestrated as a Stalinist show trial, Labour are off and running on the Local Election campaign. Addressing councillors, candidates and party activists Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, John Prescott, Ian McCartney and Tessa Jowell all did the expected motivational speak, and pretty good it was too.
The Press playing the role of slighted servant of the people were distraught; firstly, the body language expert was flipped off by Ian McCartney. And then Messrs McCartney and Prescott took turns in having digs at the fourth estate.
The Press were then further peeved when they weren't allowed to ask any questions. Or should that be question? "Who's going to be next Labour Party leader?" Yawn, yawn. Do you still need to go through journalism courses to pose such pertinent, and highly original, questions? Any hack worth his or her salt should know Labour members have wanted to know this for years and we are still waiting, so "the scribblers, squeakers and snappers", as Macca earlier dissed them, and the people at large will have to wait!
Blair was fulsome in his praise of the NHS, saying Macca was a walking, talking example of how health services were improving. Macca, who must have had 3 weetabix this morning, then responded to Tessa Jowell's speech, which centred around the Olympics, by quipping he would be training for the pole vault. Hilarious. Stick to politics mate.
Sadly, for the Wolves of Ragsville there was no punch-up between Blair and Brown. For the record Brown got the biggest round of applause and it was all sunshine inside the building and outside too.

If only Garry Richardson went into politcal journalism, then the levelling of questioning would take on a whole new aspect.
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