Monday, April 10, 2006

Aussies on a sticky wicket

another bites the dust

If this one comes off it'll be the biggest shock since Coronation Street's Valerie Barlow was electrocuted (to death) by a faulty hairdryer, or at least since Rajab Ali and Morris Odumbe took 3 wickets apiece to dismiss the West Indies for 93 (1996 World Cup) and condemn them to a 73 run defeat against the unfancied and hitherto always beaten, Kenya. In reply to Bangladesh's surprisingly massive 427 (SK Warne: 20 overs, 1 maiden, 112 runs and 0 wickets going for 5.59 runs per over), Australia have suffered, spluttered and hesitated to a decidedly dodgy 145-6. For the afficionados amongst you it is more surprising, and worrying for the Convicts, that Australia have only gone into this match with 6 batsmen.
If the impossible happens and Bangladesh win, the cricketing world will be rocked to its foundations. The rest of us will be laughing. A lot.

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