Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blanco out of the World Cup

I am really looking forward to the World Cup, so conceive of my despair when I saw this article on t'internet "Mexico leave Blanco out of World Cup squad". The character of Blanco in Porridge was 63 years old but was famously played by David Jason who was then only in his thirties. It appears old father time has finally caught up with Blanco. And the World Cup's loss is certainly HMP Slade's gain.
Of course not, it is the man with the most improbable and unpronounceable Christian name ever: Cuauhtemoc Blanco. Blanco is one of those supremely skilled Latin Americans in the mould of daft haired Colombian Carlos Valderamma, who is particularly well-known (blogger's note: the article I read described him as famous, i cannot agree) for the outrageous "bunny-hopping" between defendings with the ball lodged between his ankles.

The Blanco Bounce.

So schoolyard that it just left everyone totally baffled. :-)
Oh yeah, HMP Slade not HMS Slade.*

(*Apologies for that pedantry!)
of course. my bad!
I think Blanco is awesome!He is my favorite plyer!
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