Thursday, April 06, 2006

Goody, goody

This is the single most annoying, disgraceful excuse for a celebrity ever. Words cannot describe how worthless she is (as a celeb), it's the pig-face combined with horrible voice, cretinous outlook and pig-face that does it. God knows how I came across this one, but Jade smoked her first joint at the age of 5.
In her autobiography, that is sure to make Jordan's look like the greatest piece of literature since War and Peace, Jade says: "I used to skin up for my mum even before she lost the use of her arm in a motorbike crash." It is nice when kids help out around the house.
Jade, who was then 5, had a puff when she found a spliff in the ashtray, sparked it and had a drag. In a touching moment you're more likely to find on the Jeremy Kyle Show Jade confides: "She didn’t tell me off either - she took a picture." That must be pride of place in the Burberry photoframe on the mantelpiece.

* photo courtesy of this magnificent website

Shocked and saddened to see Lee from Steps performing so badly in the talent stakes. Two of my hates - Richard Bacon and Jimmy Carr - suffer differing fortunes. The more we put these two under the spotlight, the more likely they are to get off my screen (or on to their final resting place on channel 5).
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