Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Great Balls of Fire

Rarely do you come across stories as stupid as this one. Actually given Sunderland's perilous plight, I'll give Kevin Kyle the benefit of the doubt by saying rarely do you comes across stories as unfortunate as this one. Kevin Kyle...well there's no easy way of putting this...lads get ready to wince...Kevin Kyle missed Saturday's match vs. Everton (2-2) after spilling boiling water on his nads.
This is no kinky variation on hot wax on the chest schtick, but rather a picture of domestic bliss deteriorating into agony. Kyle was about to feed his son Max and lifted the wee bairn's bottle from a pan of boiling water, Max kicked out, spilling the water over his old man's old man. Ouch!
Kyle, who has scored once this season, was kept in hospital overnight for observation and routine p*ss-taking. He is expected back in training tomorrow.

There's something about Sunderland players and these injuries.

Wasn't former Mackem Gary Owers out injured for a while after coming back from honeymoon (with his top British figure skater wife Joanne Conway) with a "groin strain"?

You can only imagine the kind of stick that man must have got. :-/
Indeed. Although the Sun found another comic Mackem injury: Julio Arca getting stung by a jellyfish in the North Sea (that's not Mackem ryhming slang). Can't you die from that? Oh well. Hahahaha. For non-footballing fans, he didn't die and, apart from playing for Sunderland, has fully recuperated.
My two all-time fave injuries are Dave Beasant dropping a bottle of salad cream on his foot and ex-Owl Andy Booth pulling his groin during a minute's silence.
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