Wednesday, April 05, 2006

His Everchanging Moods

Many things in life change: the seasons; David Beckham's hairstyle; the barstaff in the Queen Vic and J-Lo's lovers to name but a few. And it is with this sentiment in mind that I draw your attention to the case of one Martin Levin.
"Who he?" you ask. Well in the week where David 'Dave' Cameron decried UKIP as a "sort of a bunch of ... fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly", it was me Barry Beef, your humble servant, who unsheathed Jonathan Aitken's sword of truth and pointed my meagre (in number, but not intellect...mostly) readership in the direction of Delroy Young. Now I point my sword in the direction of this chap

Martin Levin, a man of a most Kilroy-Silky hue, will be standing for Dave's So Tory Crew in Roding ward, London Borough of Redbridge. However, Levin has not always worn a blue rosette. Shock horror, and I bet you can't see where this is heading; Levin is a veteran of elections. The dream began in 1997 when he stood in Chelmsford West for...drumroll...UKIP gaining 323 votes and was beaten into 6th place. The Green Party/Plaid Cymru alliance came 5th. Yes the Welsh nationalists got more votes in Chelmsford!
He then returned to Redbridge and stood in the 2001 General Election for UKIP coming fourth by as good as 4000 votes. 4 years later he came 5th standing as an Independent. UKIP came 4th.
Look at his website and folow the conscientious politician link and then pick your own quote. I particularly liked:

"Truth, Honesty, Integrity are three items sadly lacking in modern politics. No wonder we hear the plea "there’s no-one to vote for". Well there is now. No more of the same old hackneyed phrases. At last, the choice of being hit over the head by 12 pound, 14 pound or 16 pound hammers can be rejected."
How much does the Tory hammer weigh?

"I am amazed at the number of people who think such matters should be left to politicians, as 'they were elected to represent and decide for us'. Did we actually choose any of them ourselves? No. They were imposed us by the political parties. The vast majority of politicians are self-serving, uncreative, arrogant spongers (notice how many entered the legal profession, as most are incapable of doing anything productive, except enrich themselves)."

In ending I must say, I have heard Martin Levin before and he is a very robust and humourous orator. Not so sure about the graphics on his site though.

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