Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is religion for idiots?

I am not a religious creature, but in me God created a Bull with some ability to blog (cheers!), but of course if God doesn't exist then I must be a mutant Bull of some genre.
Enthralling indeed, as I'm sure you're all agree; but despite appearance not a very meaty episode. Au contraire mes amis (et amies) for on the Central Line, the part which TfL graciously kept running this weekend, a chum of mine pointed out a book that a passenger (or is it client or customer these days?) was reading. The Koran for Dummies. That's bordering on incitement there.
However, it appears that Islam is not alone in trying to spread its appeals to the less cerebrally gifted amongst us.
For other titles in this series include:
Judaism for Dummies
Catholicism for Dummies
Buddhism for Dummies
Christianity for Dummies
Islam for Dummies
Mormonism for Dummies
So what becomes alarmingly obvious is that Sikhs; Hindus; Hare Krishnas and Scientologists amongst others don't suffer fools gladly.
Here's a bar-chart:

Kerron and Burgen are my spiritual guides. I won’t go far wrong following their examples.
Ummm, "Hare Krishna's" as you refer to them ARE Hindu's....Classic Alf Garnett mistake.
Spiritual Guide?

You won't catch me prancing about in a toga talking about Jesus.

Oh, hold on a minute...
[url=]On page 135[/url], the Koran for Dummies includes the startling revelation that the sun orbits the earth. It sure is for dummies. [quote]The Koran shows an innate knowledge of astronomy in pointing out that the sun and moon alternate by day and night in a ‘rounded course’ (21:33) [b]which alludes to the fact that both the sun and moon rotate around the earth, a ‘scientific’ discovery that was made well after the Koran’s revelation[/b].[/quote]
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