Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lehmann's spot on as Riquelme pays the penalty

Riquelme misfires as Lehmann saves the Gunners' day

It must have been fate. Although there was a degree of contact, Villareal should never have been awarded a penalty for Gael Clichy's challenge on Jose Mari. I'm no particular fan of Arsenal but was happy to see the English team win (they even had an Englishman playing). Two things about Villareal irked me. And I think irk is the right word.
I don't mind that the conventional 1-11 for starting line ups was scrapped in favour of squad numbers, but I do find it daft to have your strikers wearing number 5 (Diego Forlan) and number 99 (Franco - who appeared a bit flaky). In addition to this there was Juan Roman Riquelme, an Argentinian of rare if temperamental talent, spitting all the time. Seriously, non-stop like a piston. Really quite revolting. So I was happy when he had his penalty saved. And the mroal of the story? Never bet against a German in a penalty shoot-out.

May I complain about your charming poll. My vote has not been counted. It's Labour vote rigging again I tell you.
Try again, I had to take it down and republish it. If not, don't worry I am not fussed what you think!
I think my opinion has been publicised as i'm the only one to have voted thus far. Yeh, polls! They're the future.
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