Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mazher Mahmood: the Kendo Nagasaki of the 21st century

Two things have become clear to me during this whole furore: despite what is currently circulating Blogdom, it is not Blogs that have brought Mahmood down; but rather George Galloway. And secondly if Mahmood had been wearing an Identity Card no-one would have been fooled. Stick that one in your Liberty pipe.
Yesterday, I was thinking of how to post his. A new spin. Recess Monkey and Guido have waxed lyrically and excellently and plenty of others have jumped on that bandwagon being rolled through town by Galloway. All this talk of wagons through town and gallows sounds like Guy Fawkes' real-life demise actually...
And then it hit. But I thought it was too tenuous and sad and no-one would possible relate to it. So conceive of my delight when a good friend of mine emailed me saying; Did you see George Galloway has had his ban lifted on printing the Fake Sheik photos. Not since Kendo Nagasaki was unmasked have I seen such drama.. Personally I will always remember Kendo Nagasaki as this. I wonder how Mazher Mahmood will be remembered?

Can Mazher Mahmood do the Kamikaze Krush though???
not anymore.
excellent post. sort of.
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