Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh behave!

Caborn was always doing karaoke

Graham Allen, the Labour MP for Nottingham North, secured a Westminster Hall debate (held yesterday) on Football Players (Behaviour). Wow! This one'll change the world, eh? The debate broadly seems to be about players being nice on the pitch, not swearing and intimidating the ref and generally behaving well with the result that such improved condict would eradicate anti-social behaviour. Or at least reduce it greatly. And perhaps it would. My personal favourite part of this debate given the theme is after Allen finished, well let me cut and paste from Hansard

Several hon. Members rose—

Mr. Martin Caton (in the Chair): Order. I can call other hon. Members only if they have the agreement of the initiator of the debate and the Minister. Do other hon. Members have the agreement of the initiator of the debate to speak?

Mr. Allen: No.

That's really getting in the spirit of things Graham!

My problem with this debate is that there were so many opportunities missed. I tried to get my boss to have a few drinks, barge into the House and swagger around, arms raised, pointing at Caborn shouting "You're not signing anymore". Other variants could have been "You're going home in a f*cking ambulance" or "Who's the w*nker in the suit?"
Personally, I would have led with "Die, die, Piggy, Piggy, die!"

I know what you are saying but i think the FA needs to clamp down on dissent and pushing of refs in matches. I play on saturdays and the behaviour spirals down to the crapppy leagues i play in.
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