Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Owls send three down in a day

A wonderful Easter weekend had its cherry firmly placed on top thanks to Sheffield Wednesday taking six points from 2 matches. Norwich and Brighton were vanquished leaving Wednesday to hopefully improve on a pretty mediocre, at best, season.
With Wednesday's win on Easter monday the relegation dog-fight was settled:
So it's bye bye Crewe

Sad to see Crewe go down really. They play good football and manager Dario Gradi has been manager since just before the women got the vote. A Crewe fan I know generously replied to my gloating email by saying: "Cheers mate. You stayed up comfortably in the end so fair dues. Paid £30 for the dubious distinction of going to Palace on Saturday. That hurt more than going down. Hey ho, I’m used to losing in all aspects of life really: footy, politics you name it"
He's a Liberal Democrat.

Hardly unexpected really. Desperately need their new stadium to generate funds. Some lofty politico whose joyous fist pumping after Brighton scored a last minute equalizer earlier in the season stuck in my craw conceded: "Well, at least we might actually be able to score more than two goals a game in the first/old second/older third division. Plus, the kids we put out this season (aka the first team) will be a little older and perhaps able to play better football. And we'll hopefully be a year closer to a stadium. Hopefully." Hopefully.

No-one likes us and we don't care. So sing the Millwall faithful. It's lucky they don't care. Crap team. No money. Memories of their FA Cup final appearance are fading quicker something that fades quickly. I emailed two Millwall supporters and was amazed one of them actually constructed a sentence. And a nice one too: "Congrats to you, hopefully we will bounce straight back if not could be the conference within 2 years." And then politely added; "Will catch up for that pint soon" which reminded me I really must ask him out for a beer sometime. The other email I got was more predictable. A typical offering from a South Londoner: "Naff off!"

I really pity the Crewe fan. As a Palace supporter, we should have put them out of their misery earlier, but unfortunately we've gone to shit recently.

I went to Cardiff last time, and I'm still hopeful I can go again this year, but our play-off chances seem distinctly dubious this time around.
I seem to recall the last time Sheff Wed were struggling in the Championship (2002-3) it was a draw with the mighty Seagulls that consigned the second team in Sheffield to two seasons of third division football.

Gloat while you can. We will rise from the mountains of guana to take our rightful place near the bottom of the Championship if not this season, if not the next then some time in the future.

Three stadiums, three promotions and three relegations (plus going to the last day to stay up last season) in 11 years. Umpteen managers, including Micky Adams, Peter Taylor and Steve "VD" Coppell. Life ain't dull supporting BHAFC.
You're f*cked without Falmer. Yes, you did relegate us back then so to complete the circle is particularly satisfying. I put a lot of your woes down to the sheer number of crap Christian names in your squad: Leon (altho he's gone now i think??), Guy, Colin, Gifton, Joel, Wayne and Kerry spring to mind.
Yep, I was there that fateful day on Easter Monday in 2003 when Brighton sent us down to the bad-lands of League 1 and remember vividly the incessant gloating that we were on the end of all the way back into Brighton.

It was therefore doubly pleasing to return to the Withdean last Monday and see the mighty Owls shove it back down Brighton's fucking throats, you inbred bunch of over-achieving half-wits. Now piss off back to where you belong and don't come back until you can give me more than a grass bank to sit on 50 yards away from the pitch.

As for Millwall, see here:


Then see here:


Nice one Rod. You twat.

The Owls are staying up!
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