Wednesday, April 12, 2006

People who the next generation will not remember

#1 A Joey by any other name

As there's nothing else happening, I am going to start a new series of posts on people who will remain in my memory, but are likely not to be remembered by the younger kids on the block.
And what an example to start with. I don't even know how I remember Joey Deacon. I mean he died when I was very young, but his memory has a cult following. Joey was featured on Blue Peter back in the day in an attempt to win over prejudice and present people with severe disabilities as human beings. All of which I support without reservation. However, it had the opposite effect with kids in playgrounds all over Britain calling their fellow pupils Joey and the tongue in chin thing was born.
I have heard the term Joey banded around for many a year, but the kids now look at you kind of blank. "Who's Joey Deacon?" Joey has got some form of posthumous recognition in light of Tiger Wood's comment over the weekend (see post below), but for anyone of my age (or 10 years older give or take) who sees some fool trip over, spill a pint, walk into something or play football in a manner that makes Emile Heskey appear gainly; the word Joey springs to mind.
Joey's iconic cultural longevity, or bouncebackability, could never have been predicted.

Are suggesting that you might be encouraging this behaviour in school playgrounds today in hope to revive Joey ? Just a word now. If you're seen hanging around primary schools you might just get arrested. I must admit the idea of setting off a whole generation of kids on Joey Deacon does bring a small wry smile to my face and most certainly I can picture you getting lots of satisfaction out of it. Evil but so funny.
The next generation will remember Ray Chishti as a MP delivering to people service and delivery
Your clock is wrong is 13 hours slow?? Regards
Listen mate. Whoever you are, unless you want to discuss the the perils of being a child of the 70's/80's for this particular post, then I think you might want to post something more in context of the aforementioned Joey. Joey!
Well, i had lots of fun as a child being mercilessly mocked with the moniker "Joey!", in no small part due to the fact that it is a contraction of my first name (Joeylina).

Still, after Noakesy and Shep, the King of Spazmos, the great JD, was the only remotely endearing thing about Blue Peter. EVER.

(except the gay trampolinist whose short stint as a presenter was followed by dodgy photos in the Daily Mirror. oh, and Richard Bacon)
2 Tall, I do apologise with the Joey comment earlier (hell I've had to do that one too many a time, hence my blog going off air due to some rather sensitive characters). I do think that of one of your many nicknames, JD, is quite a cool one. Particulary when one turns of the legal age of drinking booze.
Just re-read my last comment. Sorry again. JD wasn't one of your last all .....ever.

Its a shame nobody ever appreciated the lesser or greater part of the contraction of your name Joeylina, Ylina. It kind of has an eastern european twang to it....abeit a feminine one.

If one were to add to this lesser or greater contraction of your first name to a contraction of the surname, what would it be ?
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