Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Right then which is correct: Parliamentary Under Secretary of State or Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State?

And which is correct?

Bi-election, By-election or Bye-election

It certainly isn't a Bi-election.

Unless you were referring to Simon Hughes there.
I would be careful about posting such items - the grammar police are, in my humble estimation, nutters and will try to recruit you to the purist school of linguistic happiness.

Where two word are joined together to describe a third a hyphen is used to connect them: a well-resourced area, the 24-hour clock etc.

So yes to Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State but no to by-election
Dod's has it down as Pariamentary Under-Secreatary of State and by-election...and they know their stuff.
Was the typo done on purpose ?
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State?
- and -
By-election or Bye-election (I prefer the latter).
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