Friday, April 21, 2006

Respect da Beef

Me and my homies been rollin'

Hey dudes. I just came across this picture and it's nice to have dem boyz paying tribute. Bout time. Ving Rhames is my main man and I respect him big time for narrating my life. Big up dawg, you ruled as Diamond Dog in Con Air.
Anyway back to business. Beef will be temporarily off the menu as it is becoming increasingly tricky to update as regularly as I would like. Fear not Beefsters cos I aint going; I suppose you could call it a BEEF sabbatical.
I'll be updating at various points. However, work (boo!) and Local Elections (yay!) are taking up loads of time, so full service wont be resumed until early May.
But the Beef don't sleep:

1) I am lobbying Channel 4 to recommission Fifteen-To-One
2) I am lobbying the Times to get Rob Liddle to publish an apology for this piece of bullsh*t
3) Paul Burgin couldn't check my blog from Stevenage library shocker! Censorship, and bloggers, at its ugliest.
4) Any ideas for posts please feel free to email me at

Rod Liddle was so ashamed of that piece he evidently changed his name to Rob. :-)
I'd always pick Rhames as Marsellus Wallace over Diamond Dog, but at least you didn't choose Shad or Cobra Bubbles ;)
You think being censored by town libraries is ugly!
Oh look, it’s the two coolest people in the House - Burgin and Kerron. The future of the Labour Party is safe in their hands :-)
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