Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sven's men

Soon, very soon the World Cup will be upon us and I shall be cheering on our boys, the mighty England. In this spirit I will soon cease from slating Sven, but not quite yet. He is hopeless. I found the latest example on the Guardian's, Football Unlimited site. Why is Sven going round massaging egos? By all means phone them, but to be seen basically assuring injured players of their place in the squad is him basically telling other fringe players that they can only be in the squad if Sven's favourites are injured. It does not matter if say, as an example, Chris Riggott (who has been constantly improving this season) gets a 10/10 rating in every match for the rest of the season. He cannot get into the squad unless Sven's fave is injured, or stressed or whatever is wrong with him. This guy is just so bad at things motivational. Of course if he's fit Ashley Cole will go, he's the best left-back in the world.
I know I have interpreted this from an anti-Sven angle, but why not I cannot wait til he goes.

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