Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Swearing and political incorrectness....

That's right sport on the Beeb is improving. Sadly, detractors may disagree because I post with reference to Andy Murray's outburst at an umpire after Team GB lost their doubles rubber to Serbia and Montenegro. But not only the wonderboy of Scottish sport (the first they've had since Ming Campbell) but also Tiger 'Grrrr' Woods, who found himself embroiled in scandal after the PC brigade took exception at at comment made in his post-Masters interview.
First off Andy Murray lost his temper after Team GB lost their doubles match to Serbia and Montenegro and decried the official as "a fucking useless umpire". Yep whilst swearing in football is de rigeur, swearing in a posh sport is not the done thing. Apart from saying "cox" as many times as possible during the Boat Race obviously.
Next in the you didn't want to say that hall of shame is Tiger Woods. Tiger came third in the Masters but felt he should have done better. In his immediate post-Masters interview he said he putted like "a spaz" - so the PC brigade are straight on his case demanding an apology. Now did Tiger really mean he putted like a spaz, as in spastic? Or did he mean to say he putted like a spaz, as in an idiot? Making a mountain out of a mole-hill (and apologies if that is disparaging to mountains or mole-hills). What was he supposed to say? "Yes I am overjoyed I putted like a f*cking pr*ck. I am really happy that I will not win and am over the moon that a*shole Mickelson will be wearing the green jacket." Not that I think Mickelson's an a-hole, just that him and Woods are rumoured not to be the best of pals.
You can tell that it's Recess and there's nothing interesting about, so I hope you enjoy this which is courtesy of the Times online although modified for fun.


Ron Atkinson had to resign as an ITV football pundit and Guardian columnist two years ago when he was caught saying that Marcel Desailly "is what is known in some schools as a f***ing lazy thick n*****".

Richard Krajicek
, the 1996 Wimbledon champion, once said that 80 per cent of women tennis players were "lazy, fat pigs who shouldn’t be allowed on the show courts". He later apologised and said it was more like 85%.

Pierre van Hooijdonk, on negotiating a new Celtic contract in 1996, said of a £7,000-a-week pay rise: "It may be good enough for the homeless, but not for an international striker."

Fuzzy Zoeller lost a sponsorship deal after his 'joke' on Tiger Woods winning the 1997 Masters. Referring to the tradition that the winner chooses the next year's champions' dinner, Zoeller said he hoped Woods "wouldn’t serve fried chicken, or collard greens, or whatever the hell they serve". The sponsorship wasn't with KFC then?

Glenn Hoddle was dismissed as England manager after telling The Times some people were disabled for a reason. "The karma is working from another lifetime. What you sow, you have to reap" he said. And he did, he's currently manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers

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