Monday, April 03, 2006

Trundle facing heaviest Welsh rap since Goldie Lookin' Chain

Congratulations to Swansea for winning the Football League Trophy (i guess this is the updated version of the LDV trophy). Generally, no-one really cares that much about lower league cups; so it was a stroke of genius by Swansea's Lee Trundle for doing so much to retain attention beyond the final whistle. Trundle, whose surname reflects his normal pace, is something of a phenomenon with his cult status bringing Swansea shedloads of mullah all year round.
I'll give the match report a miss, but Swansea won 2-1 - and let the celebrations begin. And here is Trundle (above) brandishing a flag saying "f*ck off Cardiff" - and although you can't see from the photo the original had no asterix!
Trundle then removed his top to show the classic cartoon of a cartoon figure wearing one team's shirt urinating on their arch-rivals shirt. Thank goodness there's no sign of Allah, a turban or a bomb.
Hold on just one minute. I recognise that pose. Now where do I recognise it from? Ermmmm...GOT IT!

And look closer at this pic. Blair is clearly wearing a t-shirt under his short and tie

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