Sunday, April 09, 2006

XXXX rated

So i was chuffed to receive the latest celebrity endorsement email from the Labour Party. You know the last one was from Jo Brand so I knew email things can only get better. I was doubly chuffed to receive the email on two seperate email accounts.
So as Patrick Stewart says: "It doesn't take the captain of a starship or a superhero with special powers to change the world." No, but I guess it would help and then I started thinking. So given that the third installment of X-Men is on its way to a cinema near you, I have started work on the next film relating to the Labour Party. X-Men 4th Term. Led by Professor X (Stewart in a wheelchair) and aided and abetted by Money Boy (Gordon Brown) and the Beast (John Prescott), New Labour 4th term will campaign primarily on better social care (not that subtle; Stewpot's in a wheelchair) and whether the UK has met her 5 economic challenges to enter the Euro (if not, expect X-Men 5 economic challenges)
These photographs are exclusives here:

Slow day in the office then Barry?
Come on that Prezza as Beast pic is awesome
I don't mean to be a pedant Barry, but the five economic tests are as to whether we should join the euro, not the EU. News may not yet have made it to Beefland yet, but we've been in the EU since 1975... all together now: "EU must be joking!"
damn you, that's incredibly silly of me. however correction now done so your comment is redundant
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