Wednesday, May 17, 2006

All You Need Is Love (a prenuptial agreement and a decent lawyer)

So Paul McCartney, purveyor of happy smiley tunes, is splitting from Heather McCartney-Mills. Macca stands to lose up to a whopping £200 million (almost a quarter of his personal fortune), although apparently early negotiations have shown that Ms Mills does not have a leg to stand on.
No more getting her leg over either. Ever since they got married, I must say I had reservations - as in doubts rather than in the Native American sense. I empathised with Heather - how would you feel on your honeymoon when after a bit of romance you decide to cook up some veggie feast only to open the freezer and have a picture of the ex on the packaging? Think about it.

Friend of Beef, Gutbuster forwarded this tasteless joke, which made me laugh: A South African loses a leg in a gold mine accident. "I'm f***ed now!", he said. "Who'd want a one legged Gold Digger?" … "Me", said Paul McCartney.
Although it's not all bad news: this story reminded me to download the MP3 of Jet. Sadly, I have only found a real media version thus far, so if anyone has the MP3 feel free to send it to me at

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