Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gaze into the future

Beware gay people...Big Catholic Sister Kelly is watching you

Ruth Kelly is a practising Catholic. Fine. She should be good at it by now. Recently shuffled and given the job of minister for Women and Equality. All sounds fine until it emerges her attitudes to homosexuality may not be quite as liberal as the job description requires.
Her voting record doesn't help her out much either (all this nicked off Pink News)

On 22nd June 1998, Ruth Kelly was absent from the Crime and Disorder Bill to reduce the age of consent, as she was on the 1st March 1999 and the 10th February when the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill sought to achieve the same goal (the first having been rejected by the Lords).

On the 24th October 2001, she was absent from the voting on the Relationships (Civil Registration) motion that was the catalyst for introducing the Civil Partnerships bill in Parliament.

On the 29th October 2001, she was absent from the third reading of the Adoption and Children Bill (Programme), to allow gay couples to adopt, as she was on further votes on the same subject on 16th May 2002, 20th May 2002 and the 4th November 2002. On the 10th March 2003, she was
absent from the vote to repeal section 28 which banned local authorities from promoting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.

On the 12th October 2004, she was absent from the vote on the Civil Partnerships Bill, as she was on the 9th November 2004.

When asked if she viewed homosexuality as a sin she refused to answer clearly instead saying it is a private matter but everyone should be free to live their life free of discrimination. So even if Sister Kelly doesn't approve, gays can breathe a sigh of relief that they won't be burnt at the stake then. Would it have been too much to appoint some not controversial. It's like having Prezza as Minister for Sport or Margaret Hodge as Minister for not encouraging the BNP vote.
One question present itself: How many homosexuals believe catholicism to be a sin?

Wonder what Chris Smith et al in the Labour Party "Gay Mafia" really think of her position?

Anyone for a joint dump Blair/dump Kelly campaign???
Michael Cashman, ex-Eastender, current MEP and long-time gay has said he has no problem with the appointment. Not sure if he's mafiosa though
Michael Cashman, ex-Eastender, current MEP and long-time gay has said he has no problem with the appointment.

He's been a toadying Blairite almost as long as been a homosexualist, though.

I'm waiting for a reporter to ask Kelly if she's wearing one of those spikey things next to her crotch. If she says she isn't, we can ask John Prescott to check.
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