Monday, May 08, 2006

High Flyer!

The Rt Hon John Reid MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department

So was the ganja found in the good Doctor's pad his? Had it really been there for years, or had Reid's habit led to problems in time perception - I've heard of similar things, ie. people getting run over cos they thought they had a month to cross the road.
It is rumoured* that whilst under the influence Reid had a vision - something or other about a list of signatories, a left-wing plot or something - being passed around the PLP like, well like a spliff.
Anyway a safe pair of hands, and it is nice to see that his sticking-his-nose-in opposition to the Smoking in Public Places Bill, probably the most important advance in public health policy since the establishment of the NHS, did not detract from his promotion to the Home Office in any way.

* It's not rumoured at all. Just me prattling away. As usual.

Nice. What about a Dave Cameron special eh Beef ?
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