Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How's about best of three?

If this hadn't happened, I wouldn't have believed it possible. I checked the dates but despite being off work ill today the calender has not shifted back to April 1st.
Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, Daniel Levy has sent an open letter to the Premier League asking for last Sunday's match against West Ham to be replayed due to the illness - suspected food poisoning - that befell the Spurs squad leaving up to ten players not quite up to snuff.
As it stands Spurs have qualified for the UEFA Cup, but apparently a lasagne is being examined and interrogated by the police and foul play is suspected. It really is one of the more remarkable football stories. Tough luck Spurs, but requesting a replay is ridiculous, you lost, deal with it.

I know what your saying Beef, but the reality is that the Spurs knew they would lose, but had to put had to put something forward in writing in case they wanted to pursue compensation.
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