Monday, May 29, 2006

Lib Dem declaration of mediocrity

Listening to TalkSport as I was posting the last article and there's some programme slagging off Prezza - fair enough really. But there was a special guest phone-caller...drumroll...Vince Cable. Wow! I'm sure about 5% of Talksport's listeners have heard of him, but anyway the host Jon Gaunt, a kind of no-nonsense, tough-talking, belligerent tw*t, turned on Cable almost immediately asking if Blair, Prescott et al were so bad and out of touch and if Cameron was perhaps not making as much immediate progress as hoped how comes Ming Campbell was so useless. Classic. Cable admitted that Ming needed to improve a bit. Oh dear, oh dear. Surely, the nice people party aren't sharpening those knives again?
And Gaunt, in a moment of non Prescott bashing, turned his scorn to John Reid asking why he was on holiday when he had promised to spend '18 f-ing hours a day' sorting out immigration. How's about because it's Recess, you tart.

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