Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not to be taken for Granted

The best thing about the local elections being over is that I can watch Eastenders more often. Tragic, I know but 'Stenders is great.
Whilst Phil bonds with his son Ben, the other Mitchell hard-man is playing mind games with Jane by flirting with Chelsea (no idea who she is, some scarlett harlot from days gone by, I think). This gave Mitchell plenty of screen time to do that look-of-love he has perfected - a sort of half-smile that looks like it could have been wind. Enough to turn women to quivering wrecks. I hope you enjoy this Ross Kemp tribute site which contains polls with such questions as: Which has been your favourite Ross Kemp role; What is it you like about Ross Kemp; Have you ever met Ross Kemp? and How long have you been a fan of Ross Kemp? Spellbinding stuff indeed.

I have to say I am disturbed by the fact that he went away from enders last time as one of those horrible bald men, and has come back in a surprisingly attractive manner. But there are clearly rules against finding a mitchell attractive, so obviously this cannot be. Better than fancying Billy, though, I guess.
or peggy
yes, that would be worse. although possibly not so bad as Billy.
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