Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh lordy, it's Lordi!

Eurovision is kitsch rubbish, we all know that. So sometimes they chuck in a transexual like Dana International, but mostly you get crap like Bucks Fizz, Gina G et al but not this year. No way! For the first time I shall not be supporting the UK - that Daz Sampson song is some pseudo Mikey Skinner-lite bullsh*t. But look at these guys. Lordi rock! They make Slipknot look like the Carpenters. Come on Finland and here's a little prep-talk for the boys kind prepared by Lordi fan #1, Jackson:

Koko Suomen kansa on suunnattoman ylpeä Lordista! Lordi on paras Eurovisio ehdokkaamme kautta aikojen! Jos Lordi ei voita, sankarimme syö kaikkien kanssa-kilpailijoiden lapset ja perheet! Eläköön Lordi!!

loosely translated as:

The whole Finnish population is tremendously proud of Lordi! Lordi is by far the best Eurovision contestant Finland has ever had! If Lordi doesn't win, our hero will eat all the fellow-contestants' children and families! Long live Lordi!

Sentiments with which I am in 100% accordance. Too long has death metal sat in the shadows of pop pap.

Terrific stuff. Extract from an interview with the great Lodri himself. And how would you describe to a blind person who couldn’t touch you?

Mr. Lordi [laughing]: Mr. Lordi is the monster of monsters. He leads a group of five monsters from different ages and different dimensions. We have an alien, we have an Egyptian mummy. On the musical side, we are a rock band, a heavy rock band, playing melodic 80s hard rock.
I read that interview - Stealth would be in his element as the sixth member!
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