Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Technical problem

Yo wassup homies - a question for the more gifted amongst you. Why does my blog not function properly from Internet Explorer but does from Mozilla Firefox? Mozillians should see two polls in the right hand column and should be able to vote. However, Internet Explorers may have to scroll right down to the bottom to see the polls and then have your vote cancelled. So I am very confused, or as Navjot Sidhu, the legendary Indian ex-opener said: "He's as confused as a child in a topless bar."

It's a CSS problem - something that Moz copes with fine really screw up Internet Exploder.

The problem is the widest of the photos in 'you only ming when you're winning' which is wider than the 410px allowed for the width of the #main CSS element.

You've got two basic options to fix it.

1 Reduce the size of the image - you may be able to do this by altering the img tag in the post to add height and width parameters - you'll need to tweak to both to keep the proportions right.


2. By altering the stylesheet for you template to prevent images overflowing and breaking the layout.

To do this you need to find the following css tag:

#main {

And add the either of the following after float:left; but before the closing curly bracket




The first one (visible) may work okay, in which case you should find that IE render things the same as Moz.

If it's still breaking the layout thought, try the second one (hidden') - this will fix the layout but will mean that any pictures wider than 410px will be clipped, so part of the photo won't be visible.
Superstar! Thanks very much. One more: do you know why in Explorer there's a massive gap between the last pic and the text in the "You only ming when you're winning"?
Looking at the page source there appear to be a mass of BR tags after the last image in the article, which Moz is ignoring but IE isn't.
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