Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What a load of Arse

Watched the Champions' League Final in the Sports and Social and it was a great evening with the pub living up to is name with a variety of comrades, Lib Dems, SNP (cheering Larsson) and House staff all milling around.
It was a fun final and I am sorry that Arsenal lost, but Osama Bin Laden supports Arsenal so it's not all bad. Personally, I was happy that Pires got subbed early doors, I have never liked him and I am glad he'll be pissing off and not cheating throughout next season's Premiership (leaving it to Reyes instead).
And just to think until Larsson came on Arsenal were going to win. HAIL, HAIL.
And to end, a joke that was emailed to me this morning:
Q) What goes "beep, beep, beep"?
A) Arsenal's open top bus reversing back into the garage

If done right, Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing

it was nice to see get get turned over. i really don't get this 'we all want them to win cause their from the premiership' tosh.

nice to see that ever footballer has his limit too, after hearing henry spitting his dummy out...

'they kicked me and nobody told them off (tear)'

do you reckon we'd have heard that if they won....

bye thierry
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