Monday, June 19, 2006

Are you a House of Commons cleaner?

Cos if you can there's an Independent in the Norman Shaw South 1st floor toilets from Friday 16th June. I didn't delve, but I believe underneath the Indy was an original signed copy of the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence.

Perhaps if we paid the cleaners properly and gave them the rights they deserve instead of having to picket for fair pay, holiday and pensions, you'd get a better service?

I have to say, our cleaners are fantastic. Why don't you leave them a polite note - or better still chat to them next time you see one of them around?

They are some of the hardest working people here.
Kerron - I am unsure about how you conduct yourself. If I need to go to the bogs I tend to go and not talk to any cleaner on the way.
Or maybe mid-poo I should scrawl on the cubicle door that there is an Independent on the floor?
I am a T&G member and, yes, they deserve more money, better holiday and well, you know the rest.
People need to do their job too. End of.
Or perhaps the claeners didn't pick up the Indy on purpose as a dirty protest to their third world conditions?
Just saying the cleaners I know are nice, friendly and hardworking.

That's all!

BTW did you see Graham Taylor has been asked for his "tactical analysis" of Sweden by the BBC.

Anyone remember 1992, or is it just me?
you're right. it's like asking Swedish Sven for his tactical analysis. Oh f*ck...
Portcullis House cleaners don't seem to bother with parts of the 5th floor. We could do with that Independent for when the bog roll and paper hand wipes run out.
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