Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bang, Bang - you're dead.

And just when you're starting to really get into this World Cup and, you know, generally starting to feel a bit summery. Not long til Henman Mount/Murray Mount/Rusedski Ridge is demolished by Federer and the druids and freaks have already been to Stonehenge. So what could tinge our collective joie da vivre?
How's about nuclear weapons? Big f*ck-off scary Cold War relic muscle-flexing Trident replacement? Hey, and this stuff has a RRP of only £20 billion (and that's not even taking the 2-4-1 Happy Hour promotion into account).
The World Cup's motto is "A Time To Make New Friends" - perhaps the unpublished post-script was: "and invite them round to look at the WMD we have to blow the sh*t out of them and their mates (which expires in 14 years so we'd better replace it, but don't worry it's only a deterrent -*wink* *wink*.)"*
Nothing quite like the prospective, Labour PM displaying his Labourite credentials. And this was nothing like it.
Slightly disillusioned.

*Whether they're new friends or old friends matters little.

Update: I forgot to mention that our nuclear deterrent will be independent, which will make us all sleep easier when we are independently bombing someone at the behest of our American brothers.

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