Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Double Dutch

I had the dubious pleasure of watching Holland vs. Argentina with the ITV commentary still audible. Despite being a 0-0 draw I enjoyed the match even if it didn't reach the pre-match expectations. Very few things could have done, I envisaged marauding wingers, steady centre-backs, silky-skilled midfielders and eagle-eyed, lethal one-touch goal poachers.
Anyway the chap in the photo above is none other than Khalid Boulahrouz, the Dutch centre back. A bit of a silly name for sure, but this is the World Cup and there are a lot sillier - Ghana's Razak Pimpong to name but one. I have also found that his name is a lot easier to pronounce than it would appear and when pronounced correctly it really glides off the tongue.
So why can the commentators get it so wrong? An excellent sliding tackle from Boulahrouz gets the Peter Drury commentary treatment: "An excellent sliding tackle there from Andre Ooijer*" with David Pleat distorting the facts further: "Yes, Ooijer has been defending excellently throughout this half."
But ITV does not limit its shabbyness to its live football coverage with the ITV news ready to get in on the act - chipping in during its 30 second highlight package when, in the second half, Riquelme's fizzing - and quite probably mishit - free kick was inadvertently turned onto his own woodwork by Boulahrouz with the accompanying voiceover crediting the incident to Rafael Van der Vaart.
I just think this is shoddy and unacceptable.

*Ooijer is another name that looks impossible to get your tongue around but is actually pronounced Oy-yer, which is easy enough for the English

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