Sunday, June 04, 2006

England play beyond Reggae Boyz' tune

Thoroughly enjoyed England's stuffing of Jamaica. 6-0 and could perhaps have been more, especially Crouch's look-at-me-i-am-good-oh-shit-i'm-not penalty. By the way how can it be a hat-trick when his first was most certainly an own goal? Oh well - not for me to piss on the big guy's robotic parade.
Must say it was a treat to hear Jimmy Cliff's live version of the Jamaican National Anthem. It really was something. Obviously the chances of England getting a catchy anthem are somewhere between No Hope and Bob Hope, unless their is a bloody revolution to overthrow the monarchy and replace God Save the Queen with its Sex Pistol's namesake.
But anyway so what if Jamaica having Jimmy Cliff, England have...Debra Stephenson. Yep - her out of Corrie and, as Motson dutifully, helpfully and somehow without laughing points out, 'she played a female footballer in Playing the Field - how that slipped under my televisual radar I can only rue.
And after Cliff finished the camera panned across to David Beckham clapping. Quite right.

peter crouch should be in a cage
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