Saturday, June 10, 2006

Granted to thrill

Watching the Stenders omnibus and am waiting for Grant to go all Mitchell on Carla. It's like watching Bruce Banner losing his battle and becoming the Hulk. Having not watched Stenders through the week, this is the perfect prelude to 4 1/2 hours of World Cup football. And whilst waiting for Grant to go hardcore, there's Northern Bert flirting with Big Mo. Uggh Grant in white boxers. That certainly shouldn't go out before the watershed. And nor should the noises of Bert and Big Mo making out in an allotment. Grant is so macho! Hoisting Carla on his manly shoulder and dumping her in a bin. That's quality. And Peggy lays the customary smack to the face and "Get out of my pub" barb. And just to think she gave Carla her steak and kidney pie recipe. The ultimate Cockney treachery. And that beautiful, sentiment segueing into the end theme with Grant and Courtney going up to the lift to Portugal. Now it's time for football.

this was clearly better than football. was the best enders for aaaaaaaaaaaaages
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