Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joe Cole...GOAL!

Despite not winning I was quite impressed with England and it was plainly their best performance in the World Cup so far, by miles. Losing Owen is a mega-bummer. A chum wittily suggested immediately after Owen went off that if the match petered out into a dull, incident-free 0-0 bore draw that the tabloid headline should have been Gone In 60 Seconds. Oh well I guess Walcott is out there for a reason then.
Hopefully, England will never give away such a soft goal as Sweden's second, although their first was pretty elementary too. Crouch is a massive plank (in effect) why not put him at the near post to stop these tricky foreigners with their devious ploys?
Thought Hargreaves was good and Cole was exceptional, especially in the first half. Lampard was poor again as was Beckham. It seems that when England don't play long ball, Beckham doesn't really know his role. Hopefully, he'll be back on top form in time for Ecuador. Not too impressed by Sol Campbell either.
But what about Joe Cole (or Jo Coll to give him the Sven pronounciation) smacking in a blinder. Enjoy. And worth a go with volume to savour the ESPN commentary.

1st guy: "Look how high, look how quick, he can go left he can go right"

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