Friday, June 23, 2006

More incompetence than you can wave a stick at

Two yellow cards = ? The calamitous farce in all its glory. Notice the Aussie 'goal' that Poll disallows, as he has just decided to blow for full-time. Simply amazing.

Loving the commentary there btw!

Can I just point out that I raised my concerns about Graham Poll, and his ability to show 2 yellow cards, a long while ago.

If he could confirm whether or not he voted for me at the last election, I could then tell you whether his mix up yesterday was "unfortunate" or "incompetant". ;-)
i think he voted lib dem. wanted to vote red but crossed the wrong - in this case yellow - box by mistake. he also did that thing in the togo vs. s korea match when he sent the bloke off by showing him a read card followed by the second yellow. what a putz!
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