Monday, June 19, 2006

Palm reading in relation to face lines

Palmestry is interesting. If someone (a lucky heather brandishing gypsy perhaps) reads your palm and calmly declares that, without doubt, you will get married a couple of times, have some kids, good job and, unlike Mick Hucknall, money will never be too tight to mention you'd think your luck was in.
"Look at my lines! Just look at them. I am not going to go to the gym, f*ck career moves I've got it made. Aftershave? More likely close shave for a lucky female." So whilst watching the World Cup my mind wandered. Can the same be applied to face lines? I am not thinking of prune-faced old codgers like Parky but rather deformed mingers, well actually I am primarily referring to the singular: deformed minger; Franck Ribery.
If the same lucky heather brandishing gypsy inspected Franck's face lines (caused by a car accident rather than genetics) she would probably declare: "Franck. You're destined to be horribly ugly. Forever."

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