Thursday, June 08, 2006

Popular opinion

F*cking polls and not in the post-Jan Tomaszewski 1974 trauma (I am traumatised and I wasn't even born) meaning. As in opinion gauging polls, or more specifically the quite frankly not much cop
I ran my hugely under-appreciated Mitchell poll through them. Firstly, people couldn't vote, it just said the vote had been cancelled. It seems some people though could vote more than once. Eventually, I got notification saying the poll had been suspended due to some form of violation? How can a poll on my blog be violated? How could you? Grant Mitchell was the run away winner with only Senator George Mitchell not getting a vote, which is harsh considering the collective merits of a man who oversaw the Ireland peace process and Ben Mitchell.
None of you will be surprised that readers overwhelmingly recorded their distaste for Davina McCall.
I have two new polls up. Neither of them seem to work properly. I can't be bothered to take them down.

Hmm. Well, although the polls don't appear to be working properly, whoever first registered their vote (scratches head) had identical thoughts to mine. Well, aside from the images of cats in spandex being crucified on burning crosses
is it possible that said violation of the poll was my attempt to multiple vote multiple times in such an enthusiastuc manner that may have confused the Poll?
could well have been. that being said i should declare that i voted twice for Mitchell Thomas - so am, in effect, just as culpable and have in fact destroyed my baby.
yes but i think i voted upwards of 30 times.

i apologise for poll-murder.
I can confirm that Grant only polled 16, which was double of Mitch Buchanan who was 2nd.
don't beat yourself up lola, but watch out or a Mitchell just might...
oh my god yes he's gonna kill carla!
It's not real life just remember that.

BTW I'm talking about Eastenders here not about Barry...

...or am I. ;-)
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