Monday, June 26, 2006

Portugese Men-O-War

I hadn't intended to write anything about the Portugal vs. Holland punch up/World Cup 2nd Round match but circumstances have conspired against me, namely the drab and totally forgettable Ukraine vs. Switzerland bore draw and Italy's progress courtesy of a good piece of old-fashioned cheating and also that Red Tamarin sent me this amusing photograph that best depicts the ref's attitude to issuing yellow cards.

Even with this many yellows, I bet Graham Poll would have been loathe to issue a red. Haha.
Anyway now England has the chance to give Scolari the Bullseye moment. Qu'est-ce ci que ca? As Harry Hill fans might say. Well, it's for Scolari to be on the sideline and see every minute of England hammering Portugal with the nagging thought in his head; "Here's what you could have won"
I don't mind he turned the job down, I guess the media attention is very pressurising (not every manager can be as ice-cool and media savant as Sven. Thank God) so in the great English tradition, we should harbour no ill-feeling and happily rub his nose in it.

I think we missed out with Big Phil.

I mean, did you see his defence of Figo for headbutting?

The man's inspired! :-)
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