Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rooney update

*DISCLAIMER* this article is on Wanye Rooney, not Mickey Rooney.

The boy wonder is back on his way to full match (winning) fitness and is so confident has has told Sven he is "300% certain" he will play. Now that's a man who knows his own mind. 300%? Ask me if I'd vote Tory at the next General Election and I would be 100% sure I won't, but 300%. WOW.
Anyway enter screen left, the perennial killjoy Gary Neville - presumably sour due to his ugliest player at Man Utd title being under threat by Man Utd's continued interest in Franck Ribery. Neville says not to expect too much of Rooney citing himself as an example describing how he suffered a similar metatarsal prior to the last World Cup but was running and training only for the scan to show up that an operation was required. Oh do shut up Garrence! We know Rooney might not make it, but what England fan, in their right mind, thought before the last World Cup: "England could win if only Neville gets fit in time."
It's not to the detriment of England to say that we have more chance of success with Rooney than without him. He's the best player in England. It's like Ronaldinho getting injured for Brazil, they'd want him back but would be confidnet without him. The same mindset must prevail in Camp England.

Hey dude. Did you select this particular picture for the benefit of a certain Mr Oaten ? Looks like a bit of hardcore man on man action going on there!!
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