Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sounds a bit draconian to me

Some people love to vent their anger, some even their spleen. Some vent in the direction of their beloved, some to random strangers. However, the wittier and more embittered among us, aim our lunatics running the asylum vitriolic bile at our elected representative, our MP. So what I didn't vote for you? So what I didn't vote? So what that I am clinically stupid? I am going to write and I am going to vent.
The theme of one letter that came to my attention was a pearler. About paedophilia, which let's face it is not the most humourous of subjects. Well the letter derides the Government. Having read the letter I am still not 100% sure why but nevertheless the Government should consider themselves derided.
Well permit me to quote from the letter and see if you can spot the blunder.

"The sentences for this sort of malpractice are far too lenient. When let out, they are soon up to their old tricks again. If it was me giving the sentence it would be 'FOR LIFE'. There is only one way in which a man can be let out earlier in these circumstances and that is by having him circumcized."

Well, steady on old boy. Whatever next? Bar mitvahs for paedophiles?

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