Monday, June 19, 2006

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can

Anyone else see Ecuador qualify for the Second Round by dispensing of Costa Rica? More specifically, how's about Ivan Kariedes' goal celebration after netting the third? The fans must have feared the worst when he span away in obvious delight and started to delve into his shorts. Much to the relief of the purists Kariedes had a Spiderman mask down his shorts (of course!). So he dons the mask and it's Spidey at the World Cup. As daft as it initially appears it was a tribute to another Ecuadorian striker who died in a car accident last year. Otilino Tenorio, the dead striker, did this celebration quite often. Must have more lenient refs in Ecuador.
However, practicalities to the fore; wouldn't his mask have been just ever so slightly sweaty? And then put it over your face? Yee-ha! Isn't it a shame that he flopped so badly at Crystal Palace? Some bloke running around South London in a mask would have fitted in perfectly.

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