Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Tonight's the night, England vs. Sweden. With a yellow card amnesty coming in from the knock out stages, England are faced with the potential risk of losing Gerrard, Lamps and Crouch for the next round. Fine, you drop the Big Guy - knowing that Owen and Rooney are first choice and praying that they play like it.
Sven has dropped Gerrard and it looks like Owen Hargeaves will start. Apparently, Lamps is going to play the first half and then make room for Jermaine Jenas. Unlike many people I rate Hargeaves and rate him high. Jenas I do not. Not at all. Shouldn't be in Germany. Not by a long chalk. Should have been left behind to accomodate Defoe.
Anyway personnel aside, the big point of tonight is whether Sven, the wily go-getter, will radically alter his tactics and befuddle his countrymen by actually adopting some tactics.
F*cking hell Sven tactics! Not those white or orange and green sweets but something like pass the nobbing ball around midfield instead of punting it to Crouch. In a comment on a recent post The Meat asked whether our central midfield had merely been reduced to water carriers. No, not at all my dear boy, Steve McLaren must be doing something until he becomes The One.
Beckham is playing well as is Cole on the left. Fat Frank has hitherto been a bit disappointing. I have no problem with Gerrard being left out for this one. Of all our players he is the likeliest to get a booking. I think this shows that Sven may be starting to recognise that Gerrard is more important to England than Lampard and is less willing to risk him.
Our plan must be to pass the ball around and get it to Cole and Rooney to run at the Swedes. With Cole and Rooney running at them, Owen should be able to find room and be the predator he is. People tend to bleet on about how Owen has lost his pace, but this is not significant if you play to his strengths like GOALING. Jeez, you'd think every other nation has their national 100 metres champion starting up front.
At the back we are solid and looking good, Robinson is composed and up there in the top 3 keepers in the tournament (to my mind at least).
Various parts of this email have been put in bold. I am sorry if this appears like the nutty letters you get from constituents, but just in case Sven is reading I wanted to draw his attention to some pertinent points (he's probably so busy that he'd only have time to skim read) and if he's not reading YOU'RE SHIT SVEN. DO YOU HAVE ANY BLOODY IDEA HOW FRUSTRATING IT HAS BEEN WATCHING ENGLAND SINCE 2001? TO HAVE BEST PLAYERS AND NOT WIN ANYTHING.

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