Monday, June 19, 2006

Two down, five to go

So what if we are less convincing than the Conservatives lip-service to the environment? England have qualified already. First time since 1982 that we have qualified for the second phase with a game to spare. Only in the second phase England struggled and England bought on two players who were not 100% - Brooking and Keegan - and most people must have seen the permed sage's glaring miss from about 3 centimetres out. This time Sven will be pitting two unfit strikers against Sweden in Owen and Rooney.
With the kindest of respects to Paraguay and T&T, I sincerely hope England up several gears when we are not playing a tin-pot footballing nation. On our side, however, Sweden have been perhaps even worse than us. Bore draw anyone?
I was encouraged by Lennon's cameo appearance, he has looked good and maybe get a bit longer with Sven resting players. Resting or just a touch scared that his players cannot last 90 minutes without some irresponsible lunge that'll inevitably get a yellow card. Oh yeh, or poor refereeing.
Could be worse though. Could be France.

Are Beckhams long balls bypassing our midfield and reducing our classy midfielders to (at times) mere water carriers? Would be interested to hear your thoughts
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