Thursday, July 20, 2006

Access all areas

The Obergruppenfuehrers of the House of Parliament, the Serjeant at Arms department have announced that grey pass holders will now be allowed on the Terrace over the Summer Recess.
Well thanks. Seen as Researcher and Caseworkers are left here over Recess while much of the House of Lords has the summer off, it makes sense to let MP's staff out. Still something making sense and something that makes sense actually happening ar not necessarily one and the same thing, especially within the context of the House of Parliament.
I find it eternally refreshing that having entered the 21st century, the Houses of Parliament remains blissfully privileged and antiquated. Men in stockings with rosettes on the back of their neck is the way forward.
So as of recess it's fun, fun, fun.

Will be super fun for us grey pass holders, just pity the interns and 'yellows' who will have to loiter by the gift shop as we sample the finest lager from the Strangers Bar, on the Terrace!!!
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