Friday, July 14, 2006

And the winners are...

My eminent colleague, the Lord Lucan has written up a very fair description of last night's Sports and Social quiz won by the good-looking dudes here.
It appears I take an all together more altruistic approach to anonymity than the good Lord, but then he has been missing presumed dead for decades now, so treat him leniently. A Bull, a Lord, a Red Devil, Pooky and the Masked Superstar prevailed. As Lord Lucan describes the Lib Dums struggled, although I am still unsure whether Team Clegg was Liberal Democrat or a Last of the Summer Wine tribute team.
Much mirth, much knowledge and victory for the people's team. A Source formerly close to No 10 was, amongst others, on hand to partake in post victory celebrations. Second place was a team of Geordies who I think appreciated my comment that finishing second must remind them of the Kevin Keegan I WOULD LOVE IT DAYS.
One thing overlooked by the Lord Lucan, probably through being under the influence, was that we cajoled Deryc Sands, photographer and nobhead, into snapping us.
And the team name of "I wish this microphone was a Penis" just got increasingly funny throughout the night.

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