Monday, July 31, 2006

BBC Sports Personality of the Year/It's a dog's life

Ok so this annual crap-fest isn't going to be decided for a few months yet, but I am totally disgusted that David Walliams, of Little Britain fame, is leading the betting on who is going to be the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Plainly put this is a sham. For one thing, David Walliams is not a sportsman. Yes he swam the channel, yes he did it for a very good cause and yes he did it far quicker than I could but are you telling me others couldn't do it quicker? His effort as worthy as it undeniably is, is hardly Olympian. The thing about sport must be that competition and Walliams has not beaten anyone. Not his fault and I cannot imagine him being anything other than embarassed that he is in the lead.
Defenders have said: "But who else has done anything notable this year?" You'd have to answer anyone who has dedicated their whole life to sporting achievement. Boxers like Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan are more deserving. Footballers like Gerrard and Terry are more deserving. The rise of Monty Panesar has seen his odds tumble. However, sporting accomplishment is only half the battle; the other being recognition. The best player to have ever picked up a dart: Phil 'the Power' Taylor's achievements are staggering, but darts isn't the kind of sport that the Beeb wants to associate with too much (thanks to the long-standing fued between Olly Croft and the PDC). I am sure there are people on bikes (sports I really find of no interest) who have done great things.
Of course, David Walliams is a celebrity - that most cherished of descriptions - so his star is in the ascendancy. However, Walliams is not the only favourite to raise an eyebrow - how's about W. Hawk who is in the current top ten. I don't know who W. Hawk is, someone obscure. Well sort of. It's a fucking dog. Westmead Hawk, the winner of the Greyhound Derby for the second successive year! Seriously, I am not joking here - a greyhound is one of the favourites to win. If you didn't get the enormity of this stupidity:


I despair. Truly, I do.

Phil could get a 'lifetime achievement' award if he ever does retire, but no chance of winning the main award.

It's a pretty poor selection this year. Murray and Flintoff are probably out of the running now, though there could be time for Cook, Harmison, or Panesar.

In the meantime my money would be on Calzaghe as winner, with the footballers trailing in last.
There are people who have done great things on bikes:
If she was a he, he would be on the top ten list.
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