Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cameron hits a great gag

I don't like the Tory Party, but credit where it's due, Cameron has just stuck a beaut on Blair. Talking about Home Information Packs (HIPs) - which the Government has inexplicably decided should NOT now be compulsory - Blair answered Cameron's question to which Dave replied: "I suggest he should mug up on this subject, as he'll be moving house soon." Hahahahaha. Here's hoping Dave!
On a side point, I am a bit fed up (read: p*ssed off) that the DCLG, led by Ruth Kelly, has changed its mind on HIPs almost overnight. This is really helpful to some Labour MPs who have been defending HIPs to constituents only now to have had the goalposts moved by their own bloody Party.

Well, think how the inspectors-in-training based in my boss' constituency feel about it...
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