Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cheating b*stards

I have never said this before but here goes...COME ON FRANCE. Beat those utter b*stards and beat them well. They were an absolute disgrace diving, play-acting, cheating and never looked like scoring.
For England were destined not to win. I think quite a few people could sense that the ref was going to do something at some point and sending off Rooney should see him receive a few death threats, not as many as Ronaldo and quite rightly so.
Sven failed. What a surprise. I would slag him off, but am so happy to see him go; even if his replacement is Mr Small Shorts and White Socks himself, Steve McLaren. And Becks has retired as captain. Well played. I thought we played ok against Portugal. Robinson looked good, the centre backs were both assured and confident. Rio playing better than I have seen him for ages. Ashley Cole was phenomenal and Crouch ran himself into the ground. But for me the man of the match was Owen Hargeaves. I hope all his detractors can now see what he brings to the game. Pace, energy, commitment, stamina, tackling and passion plus he can take a penalty...must be because he's German : )*

* Irony there, folks. Hargeaves is as English as John Bull himself. And incidentally, that was the first time I have ever used : ) - and that then was the second.

How dare you, Owen Hargreaves is definitely not German.

He's Canadian.
he's also excellent
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