Monday, July 17, 2006

Collared by a shirt

I spent the weekend with my girlfriend back in Northampton and we went shopping. I was in some shop that had a very good 2-4-1 deal on shirts and decided to take advantage of said offer. Well, I tried the first of the shirts on; a swanky little Fred Perry number and was happy with that and then tried the other on; a similarly swanky Firetrap shirt. But the collars initially looked a bit big, not to Harry Hill proportions but big. My girlfriend agreed, but then the assistant piped up saying that the collars didn't look out of place. This did make me laugh (I made it back into the changing room before laughing). Surely, the collars wouold only look out of place if they were on the sleeves or something...

Hey. Beef. You're not the only one to have bumped into someone famous. I think mine is a better one that yours. Check out my blog.
i disagree. i would not say u bumped into a celeb but rather u saw one. i once walked past michael caine in harrods, i wouldn't say i bumped into him.
all intepretation, of course, but i think talking to is the boundary. gutbuster once blagged photo opportunities with davina mccall (no accounting for taste) and claudi schiffer
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