Monday, July 03, 2006

Credit where credit is due

Very rarely do I link directly to other blog articles, but the Lord Lucan has found a crackerjack here. I think the campaign is faultless and I would happily recommend a backbench MP to put down an EDM to this extent:


That this House warmly applaud the Get Motty Out of Football campaign, soberly reflects on a couple of weeks of inanities and inaccuracies and heartily offers him to the Glue Factory and whilst at it would like to ban Sven Goran Eriksson and Christiano Ronaldo from ever setting foot on English soil again.

Any takers?

I personally realised Motty had lost it during the England game, when he started talking about "West Germany beating Argentina on penalties" in that Quarter Final the day before.

Even Mark Lawrenson seemed thoroughly fed up with him.
I think a far more worthy campaign would be to oust Clive Tyldesley. Has "man in the pub" ramblings, always trying to sound clever spoil a good game. Also, when Big Ron said what he did about Marcel Desailly to Clive - you didn't here Clive say that that was appalling etc.
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