Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Deutschland ist vorbei

Forza Italia! What an excellent match. I really enjoyed it. It is a shame that Germany have fallen. Behind England, they were my choice to win from the start and have hosted an excellent tournament. However, it's somewhat deserving that the Germans too suffer some heart-break. Down the years they have inflicted pain on so many other nations (I'm only on football here, no politics/history...), England, the Dutch in '74, everyone they beat in 2002 to name but a few.
Could be worse though, at least they don't have far to go home and it's even quicker with those magnificent Autobahns.
Two late, great goals from Italy scored by Fabio Grosso (am I alone in thinking it would be really funny if he wore squad number 144?) and Alex Del Piero condemned Germany to the scrap heat and put the unfancied Italians into the final. I'll upload the goals when I find them - both are worth numerous viewings.

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